Sunday, September 27, 2015

Me and my hubby

Twenty plus years of marriage and we still try to sneak in a date night. It is especially important (and marked our calendars) in this season of our life right now.  Long story short, back in April Jay took a corporate job with Saladmaster as a Corporate Trainer.  He travels to different Saladmaster offices around the United States and helps them out for the week in lots of various ways.  His schedule right now is basically gone a week, home a week.  He usually flies home on a Sunday morning and we head straight to church.  Then in the evening the kids have Awana and we get a date night. : )

One week he was even willing to go to Paradise Bakery with me to sit and talk the whole time.  And that is the last on his list of restaurants to choose.  Ha!  This past week we went to a movie, The Intern, it was really good.  I am looking forward to the weather cooling off when we can be and do more things outdoors.  Trying to get creative with the dates and just have fun reconnecting. I don't know how long this season will last or what direction God is leading us in but it is all good. My hubby might be gone a lot but I feel like he is back.  He loves what he is doing (second to ministry) and that makes life good for both of us.  : )

So I took a selfie and I always tell Jay to open his eyes wider and this is what I got this time.  Love those crazy eyes.  

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