Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogger Friend School Assignment KEEW YKCAW

This is WACKY WEEK here at Blogger Friend School!  Everything is wacky fun!  This week YOU, the student, get to share something of your choice that is little “Wacky”!!!

Have you done something crazy in your homeschool?  Do you fingerpaint with your toes?  Do you let your children do your hair?  Do you wear your pajamas during homeschool?   Oh, the list is endless, but it’s up to you and how much fun you want to have.

To make it even “wackier” (not sure if it’s really a word, but hey, we don’t check spelling this week at BFS either!!!…..try and type some or all of your post sdrawkcab.  (backwards!)

!keew gnixaler dna nuf a siht ekaM

(…and forwards…Make this a fun and relaxing week!)

.thnom yreve fo yadirF eht s'tI  !!!yaD dooF knuJ eimmaJ si su rof ykcaW (Wacky for us is Jammie Junk Food Day!!!  It's the last Friday of every month.)

I host Jammie Junk Food Day the last Friday of each month.  It is so much fun and we just had one that I blogged all about so click here to read that post.

Be sure and join us this month on October 24th (a week early) and share what you did for yaD dooF knuJ eimmaJ. I even have a graphic you can use if you want.

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