Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Week in Review!

I still don't know where the days went this week!  It has been a blur. We had co-op, pe, cooking and kindergarten co-op on Friday and then the real fun began!  LOL

I already told you about cooking.....  So come Friday morning I was exhausted and was still trying to make my house presentable for Tina, Emily and Danny coming over to finish up our Johnny Appleseed stuff.  Well I love my dear friend Tina she showed up with an ice coffee from Burger King.  I hadn't had one before and it was so yummy and it made my day!!!  It's good to have friends!!!  Except next week she is going to be there and not here .  The kids finished their activities and I have to get the lapbooks together still so I will post pictures of them later.  We also made applesauce and the kids gobbled it all up after dinner.

Jay, Anastasia and Joshua were all supposed to go to their first Science co-op but Jay called me on his way home from work and his car had broken down so I had to go get him.  Then today (Saturday) he had to spend the day getting new tires on the suburban and then tow his car to a friends to get fixed.  It literally took all day!!!  Lets pray next week is a little calmer!

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