Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

Here are some more funny sayings from my kids.  I am saving these to write a book someday for my sister-in-law.

Savannah and Alexa were reading together  but Alexa was bothering Savannah.  I went to see what the matter was and Savannah said that "Alexa is in my bubble".  "Your bubble?", I asked.  "Yes my bubble, her bubble is over there" she pointed away.  She was meaning Alexa was in her space.  I didn't let her see me laugh and I went to tell Jay and we were laughing and then I went back out to the playroom and Savannah was telling Joshua to get away he was in her bubble.  So what is a brother to do?  He sticks out his pointer finger and pokes it towards her and says "Pop, pop I popped your bubble!"   Jay and I were laughing so hard!

Then this week during our family devotions Jay asked them who  the Isrealites were.  Joshua answered  they help give God light!

Then Joshua asked when do we celebrate God and Jesus birthday and I asked him when do we?  He realized it was Christmas and Savannah asked can we see God and call Him on the phone to have a party.

Savannah then asked this week if God drives a car and what color is it?  (We were talking about how God is everywhere and we are never alone).  She wanted to call Him again to come over for dinner.

It is too cute to listen to them and the things they come up with!

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