Friday, September 19, 2008

What's for Dinner Thursday!

My freezer is full again but what a crazy day!  I love once a month cooking but this is the first month I had to actually do all my cooking on one day and that is not much fun!!!!  Things were just busy and my budget tight so I ended up doing all the cooking on Thursday, the day of the swap!!!  Anastasia had a home Ec. day.  She helped me plan and bake.  She made all the pizzas and I made taco soup and breakfast burritos.  We also organized the pantry and made our menu!   Normally I can cook up a batch of meals here or there and that works much better!  But it is done and my freezer is once again full of wonderful meals.  Here is what I have: Pasta primavera, pigs in a blanket, crunchy chicken strips, lemon rosmary chicken, pork loin roast, frozen fruit for smoothies, penne pasta bake, italian beef, pancakes, chicken spinach enchiladas, heartland beef and rice, sausage mcmuffins. 

I also got some groundbeef and chicken on sale so I am going to make up some more recipes.

Also I wanted to share for those of you interested in trying OMAC check out this site it is all about doing it with a group.

Happy Cooking!!!




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