Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

I thought I would just post some slide shows of pictures to share from our Christmas Celebrations.  We get together with my side of the family on Christmas Eve and then went over to Jay's dad's on Christmas day.

For Christmas Eve my family (my parents, sister and her family) came over we had a ham dinner and our traditional Oyster Stew (yummy!)  Then the kids were so excited to open gifts from one another.  After everyone left we got ready for Santa by putting out cookies and reindeer food.  Then the kids all slept together in Savannah and Alexa's Room.  I read "The Night Before Christmas" and then they all pretty much went to sleep.


Anastasia was the first to wake up Christmas morning.  Actually if truth be told I was and I patiently  impatiently waited for them to wake up.  As soon as they were all up daddy led the way (video taping) downstairs.  They were so excited.  I was so excited having 5 kids Christmas morning is awesome.  We were a party all by ourselves!!  Santa had placed their stocking by their gifts and they each took turns opening their gifts. A funny gift Santa left each of them in their stockings was  a can of olives.  He must have known how much my kids love olives.  They have to put one on each finger anytime we eat them.  Daddy thought it was pretty silly and then he saw how excited they were and he couldn't belive it!  LOL  Oh the best story though is with Joshua.  In the middle of opening Santa gifts he said "Mom, I guess Santa doesn't really care who is naughty or nice"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't belive it, Jay and I just about died laughing and yes it is on video tape for years to come.  So next year I do believe that the magical Elf on the shelf will be coming to visit. (Thanks for the idea Kymberly and Tina)

After Santa gifts the kids opened gifts from one another.  They drew names and then we went to the dollar section at Michaels (which was great by the way with pencils and glue sticks and little toys) and they each picked out 3 gifts for whose ever name they drew.  Anastasia was also very excited.  Her My little Ponies have been packed away in the garage and she wrapped them for her sisters and they loved it.

Then lastly they opened Daddy and Mommy's gift to them which was a Wii and they went crazy they were so excited!  Of course though this was not caught on video as we had set up the video on the tripod and didn't realize the tape had run out!


Christmas afternoon we went over to Papa and Grandma's house.  Uncle Danny, Aunt Nicole and Uncle Ben joined us and thanks to great technology Aunt Jutem and Uncle Brian & kids were able to be a part of the fun via skype.  We opened gifts and then had a delicious prime rib dinner!  Then we all had to share a talent (Grandma told us a few weeks in advance so everyone had a chance to practice.)  It wa so much fun and silliness.  I got a few pictures but not many I was too busy laughing and watching.  But we did get it all on video--- Here is everyone's talent: Natasha-crawling, Alexa-singing Jesus loves me, Savannah-front flip, Joshua-singing Five Fat Turkey's are we and breakdancing, Anastasia-ball rolling/balancing on hand that she learned from the rennisance fair, Jay-singing Mary did you know, Me- multitaksing, nursing a baby, talking on the phone, teaching reading to Josh, answering Anastasia's math questions all while the other two run in circles around me!  Nicole- Playing jingle bells on the piano, Ben-yo yo tricks (then he gave each of the kids a yo yo so they could try it was hilarious especially to watch Alexa) Danny- read a book report in different character voices, Grandma ate a cherry including the stem and then we watched the computer and Aunt Jutem ended up with the stem in mouth and tied it in a knot with her tongue!  Papa made music with his mouth! 

Jay unfortunately wasn't feeling that well and before we headed over he took benadryl instead of sudafed and it practically knocked him out most of the afternoon! 

We eneded the evening with decorating ornaments.  Grandma bought clear glass ornaments and acrylic paint.  You take the top off the ornaments, squeeze in several colors of paint, put the top back on and roll the ornaments around.  These turned out so cool and all ages had fun making them.


Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!!!

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