Friday, December 26, 2008

Natasha's First Christmas

I wanted to do a special entry just for Tasha for her first Christmas.  She is 6 mos. old and just started CRAWLING ALREADY!!!  (Mommy is not ready for this yet!)  She loved getting into all the Christmas "stuff" and I think that movtivated her to get to crawling faster.   Here are some pictures I wanted to share:

The kids each get special ornaments on Christmas and on their first Christmas they get one from grandparents and other family as well.  This pony one is from Grandm and Papa Pearce. 

This gift is from Papaw and Grandma Carson.  They got each grandkid a musical Christmas animal.  This one however is special for Natasha because Papaw has always said everytime he hears Natasha's name all he can think of is the old cartoon Bullwinkle with Borris and Natasha so they got her a Bullwinkle Moose.  Natasha loves the bell on top of his head.  She keeps trying to suck on it!  So we will need to put this up till next year.  No choking babies.

Rudolph and Grandma

Motivation for crawling!

Big sis and little sis

Nothing like a baby in your arms at Christmas!

Tasha trying to open her gifts

Santa brought her the yummy, extra messy gerber cookies

Natasha and Papa

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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