Sunday, December 21, 2008


December 21st has become an important day for our family. Five years ago on this special day we had Joshua's baby dedication, Anastasia went forward to accept Christ and it was Jay's mom's last Sunday in church. Fastforward five years and this year December 21st fell on a Sunday again and as it all works out this is Jay's first official Sunday as a worship pastor. We spent this Sunday with our now old church and pastor. He recognized Jay in church and let our congregation know where we were going.

What a journey this has been. Jay was called into the ministry long ago but ran. Now for the past 2 years he has been seeking this calling again and waiting on God's timing (which is usually not our own but oh so much better) Jay thought for sure we would be called out of state but instead we are going to Casa Grand. The way God works out the details is amazing to watch. Jay and Pastor Don are a great fit and with God leading they will do great things together to minister to others. I am so excited for my husband and to watch the spark of passion come back as he is using his gifts and talents for the Lord. We will definetly enjoy the journey God is about to take our family on.

PS: We found out also that it was on December 21st five years ago that Pastor Don led his first service at the church in Casa Grand where we are going. Isn't God amazing?!

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