Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Grandma

Joyce Ann Carson


I just posted a few weeks ago about a prayer request for my grandma she had had a stroke, she went to the hospital and then to a nursing home.  Well Tuesday morning she had another massive stroke and it took her life exactly one month before her 79th birthday.  As soon as we heard the news, Jay and I went up to the hospital to be with my dad and mom by time we got there she was gone already.  I have mixed emotions as I miss her terribly but am also glad she didn't live long in this condition.  From the first stroke she lost her speech and most mobility when she had been very independant.  I said my good byes at the hospital as there will be no funeral just creamation per her wishes.  The pictures above are just some I found on the computer from the last couple years she has lived out here.  I will have to look through some albums to find older ones.

As we were driving to the hospital Tuesday morning Jay asked me what my favorite memories of my grandma were. I said I used to go stay the night with my grandma and grandpa on the weekends.  Sometimes I would lay on the couch with my grandpa and we would watch game shows or movies and sometimes they would take me with to their friends house while they played cards.  Then on Saturday mornings I would help my grandma clean house.  She always sprayed pledge to dust everything and to this day everytime I spray that stuff I think of her. (funny how the little things trigger memories)  My grandma had a big box of legos that we would always play with when my brother, sister and I would go over there.  I just recently found that box of legos for sale again at the lego store for an anniversary edition. When my mom was working my grandma would keep us if we were sick and she always got us McDonalds for lunch, a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake. That always made me feel better (LOL).  We also always spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with my grandparents until we moved to AZ when I was in Jr. High.  So it was nice again spending the holidays with her these last few years as it brought back those memories of holidays as a child.

More recent memories I have is watching her with my children and how they loved her.  The kids espically thought it was funny having two "Nanas" because they called her Nana and we also call Savannah "nana".  It was hard having to tell them and the little ones don't understand fully.


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