Sunday, December 14, 2008

How we count down the days

The kids are so excited about Christmas and I must say I am too.  With having 4 kids of a young age the excitment is defiently contagious and I love Christmas.  We always count down the days to Christmas and these past two years we have used a special Nativity calendar.  I like it much better this year because it is already put together!   Last year Anastasia and I had to glue all the pieces together the others were too little to help since we needed to use the hot glue gun.  But they are really cute and I will have to get another one next year for Tasha. 



The kids each keep their pieces in a ziplock bag.  Each morning I have marked on the calendar which piece they should put up.  They know when they start putting the "people" up it is getting closer and closer to Christmas.

BTW we got these from a friend who got them from Oriental Trading.

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