Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Gifts and Treats

I have a 2 inch, 3 ring binder that I have filled with Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas and articles.  I have pulled out magazine articles especially from  Family fun and put them in page protectors.  Each November I pull this binder out and start pouring through it for things we want to do.  This year with budgets being tight we wanted to make special treats for family.  So as it all came together we focused our theme around some coasters that Anastasia learned to make.  We bought baskets and decorated them with ribbon.  Then in each basket there were lots of yummy treats, handmade coasters (from Anastasia) and family calendars.   The treats included, cookies, bread, snowman soup, cup cake mugs, fudge, chocolate covered mugs and spoons and even homemade doggy treats.  Everything turned out really cute and we had a lot of fun putting it all together.

 Homemade dog treats


 I love this picture!  Alexa had way too much fun making the chocolate covered pretzels.  We put hers in her own special bag  but I included this picture with the pretzels for her grandpas and said she made them special just for them!  HA HA!

 I will post a picture of the coasters as soon as I find one.

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