Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Co-op school- This Month

I am so excited to be teaching the little ones this month in Co-op.  I have planned a Christmas theme and today we focused on the Christmas tree and ornaments.  I always try to do activities that point Christmas back to Christ.

I read two of my favorite books to the kids:  The Night Tree by Eve Bunting and The Legend of the Christmas Tree.  (I added both of these books to my Shelfari on the left but you will have to click to the last shelf and then you can click on them and view their info.  I can't get them to come to the front)Then the kids got to make suger cone trees, and spice dough ornaments.  We even made bird feeders so they could have their own Night Tree.  For directions for these activities visit my other blog at www.christmascreativityandcreations.blogspot.com,

I think they got more frosting in their tummies than on their trees! 

Savannah was concentrating so hard to get the frosting on her cone.

Hard little workers!

 Then they all helped make the spiced ornaments and this is the only picture I got because my hands got covered with the dough and I was busy helping all the other little hands!   



Anastasia's class is reading the Wizard of Oz this month.  I grew up watching the movie each year but I have never actually read the book and it is interesting and quite different.  There are a lot of great vocabulary words!  During class this week they talked about tornados and each got to make their own by connecting two bottles together with water in them.  You swirl them around and it creates a funnel.  They had a great time with this.

I didn't get any pictures of Joshua's class this month but they are studying weather and made their own kites.  (I will have to get a picture of it).


After dinner Monday night Joshua and Anastasia didn't want to be left out of our tradtions since I already did it with Savannah's class.  So I read The Night Tree to them and they each made tree cones and bird feeders.  We even strung some popcorn. 

I told Joshua though that we might have to do the bird feeders on another night because I didn't think I had any more empty tp rolls. So he went upstairs to look and a few minutes later he came down with one.  I was surprised and asked him where he found it.  He said in my bathroom.  Well later that evening I found out how he "found it"  LOL

Our own "Night Tree" complete with birdfeeders, popcorn strands and bread poked onto the branches. 


Anastasia always gets fancy with her trees.  We use what ever is up in our baking cupboard.  This year she used some spray gel.  They turned out really cute.


I think Alexa and Savannah only wanted to make another one so they could eat them!!



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