Friday, December 5, 2008

Cookie Swap

My Friend Anne-Marie hosted an annual cookie swap.  I love participating in cookie swaps because I only have to make a bunch of one type of cookie but come home with so many wonderful different cookies.  My original goal was to save a lot of these cookies to add them to gift baskets we are making for family this year.  But with four cookie monster kids I don't think they are going to last!  And to be honest my hubby and I have had our share!  (but we are still counting our points)  So I think I will be doing some more baking this next week.

Anne-Marie made these great boxes for us to each have one to bring our cookies home in.  I put it on top of my fridge but it hasn't helped the cookies from disappearing!  Oh well I like watching the excitement of the kids as they pick which one they are going to eat each time.  LOL

This is the inside of the box!


Here is a sample of each cookie but 2 types are already missing.

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