Friday, December 12, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I have said before that I could write a book from the sayings that are said around here!  Here are some recent ones.  A day or so after us all getting over the stomach flu Anastasia still wasn't feeling that great and told me "Mom, I still feel like pooh today"  Well Savannah not quite catching the whole concept chimed in and said "well I feel like pee today"Anastasia just stared at her in disbelef and I cracked up laughing!!!  

Joshua came up to me just the other day and said "Mom, when I am 35  I will tell all women "hey I think your beautiful" but that is freaking me out I don't think I will.  I asked him who said that to him and he said his sister (Anastasia) told him when he is older he will like girls and want to get married.  But the above quote is how he understood that converstation to go!    He came up with the 35 part all on his own.   I just laugh at how they think these thing up and am amazed how their little brains work!


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