Monday, September 14, 2015

First Lego League

This semester Joshua is participating in First Lego League competition.  The competition will be held in November.  The boys are presented with a challenge that focuses on a real world topic related to the sciences.  (You can google it)  This year it has to do with solving a trash problem.  I am pretty hands off on this one.  I have a friend who is leading the group and they meet on Tuesday mornings.  I take the girls to gymnastics during this time so either Jay or Anastasia take Joshua.  However, they had a field trip this past week to a transfer station and so I took Joshua and Jadon.  It was pretty cool.  One of the boy's dad in the group runs this place so he gave us a tour.  Even though it was nasty hot in the middle of the afternoon it was quite interesting.

 Showing us how the trash and recycle is sorted to be sold off to other trash and recycling places.

Their favorite part was getting to get up in the trash truck and push the buttons to make the truck pick up and empty the trash bin.  Then they got to blow the horn.  Jadon thought this was really cool!

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