Saturday, September 12, 2015

My shopping score!

Shopping is not one of my hobbies or favorite activities but sometimes it is a necessity.  Ha!  All 5 of my younger kids needed new tennis shoes and all at the same time!  Ugghh....  I started praying before I went shopping, seriously! 

 I took all 5 kids and went to JCPenny (I have coupons for there).  I was prepared for all 5 pairs to be around $150 easily!!  So when we got there we went straight to the shoe department.  The tennis shoes were all on sale, name brands, Nike and Fila!  Each kid had gone up at least a half-full size.  We even had to go to the men's shoes for Joshua, he is now the same size as his dad!!  

So we found 5 pairs of tennis shoes.  Then we went to look at the clearance racks for the girls.  All the fall and winter clothes are out right now and it is too hot here still so it is a great time to buy more "summer" clothes.  I scored major!!!  All three girls wear the same shirt size right now, which I convinced them is a good thing!  Ha!  I bought over 14 shirts and 5 shorts/capri's.  And are you grand total for all that plus the 5 pairs of shoes......$180!!!  I was so thrilled!!!  I saved over $400 according to my receipt.  I also earned another $15.00 off another shopping trip and an email for $15 off another pair of shoes.  So now I can bring Anastasia and get $30.00 off a pair of shoes for her.  I was so excited! 

I am documenting this as a reminder to myself of of how God is always faithful in the small and the big.  He provides for our needs and sometimes even our wants.

I did not take the time to lay everything out or get the shoes but here is a picture of some of the tops.  : )

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