Thursday, September 3, 2015

You say it's your birthday....well it's my birthday too!  : )

I had a great birthday today celebrating with friends and family!  Anastasia made me these amazing cupcakes and she put actual coffee in them.

We celebrated by going out as a family to our favorite  hot wings place, Cogburns, for wings and french fries.  They are really good and it doesn't break the bank to take our whole family there. : )

After that we headed over to Anastasia's volleyball game.  I love watching my girl play.  Get ready for some major bragging........

Anastasia has been playing volleyball for 3 years now.  This is her final year on Varsity with EVAC.  She has come such a long way!!!  Her first year on the team she was occasionally subbed in and there was so much pressure because the other girls were so good and she could hardly make her serves.  Last year she got better.  Well after a summer camp this year she improved even more.  So this year she is a starter, her serves always make it over (well at least 99% of the time)!  I am so proud of her.  The match her team played on my birthday was amazing!  Now before I totally brag, I understand it takes a team to win or lose a game and Anastasia is totally a team player.  So understand this is just a proud mom moment......

Anastasia made the winning point in two of the games and she served over and over winning her team points!!!  Way to go girl!!! 

 She even had another dad come over to her (his daughter had been on the team 2 years with her, but has now graduated) and congratulated her on how much she has improved and how well she plays!  That was awesome to hear.

Looking forward to many more games this season!  

Michael and Kara our friends and Anastasia's youth pastor and wife suprised us by coming to the game.  Then we invited them back over to the house to play some games and eat ice cream.

It was a wonderful birthday just how I wanted it.....spent with my family!

Here's to another year!

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