Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September Boys Book Club

I love book club and this is Joshua's second year participating in it.   Last year a mom started a book club for boys ages 10-13.  There are nine families some with siblings so about 14 boys.  Over the summer we moms each picked a book and which month we wanted to teach (book club runs September-May).  The boys meet once a month rotating houses based on whose book it is.  

The boys have the month to read the book.  Then during book club they usually eat a lunch together, discuss the book and share their story map.  They also concentrate on learning a literary element and there is usually an activity for them to do.  Last year we chose a series to read, which took six of the nine months. It was The Kingdom series by Chuck Black.  The boys loved it however, this year we wanted more of a variety.

The book for September was The Lottery Rose.  We really liked it. I was just going to read the first chapter with Joshua but then got hooked so we read the book together and even Savannah joined in.  This book was an easy read but tackled some difficult topics, mainly child abuse.  It led to some great discussions!

The girls' Keepers Club usually meets the same time as book club so I just drop Joshua off most times. However, I was able to stay today.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  Our hostess served the kids canned beans and bologna sandwiches which is something the main character probably ate.  They had a great book discussion and then the boys put together some Christmas ornaments.  

There is a big mass adoption day coming up for 50 families and these families will be given baskets filled with goodies. Not the best picture but the verse is Isaiah 40:31.  My friend had an extra one we were able to keep so we can put it on our tree as a reminder. 

Our hostess was even able to set up a field trip that is coming up for the boys to meet and talk with a judge who deals with child abuse cases.  I think it will be a good experience for them.

Our book for October is Maniac Magee.  

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