Friday, September 25, 2015

Week in Review

I will not be detailing our week every week but want to every once in awhile just to see what we do in a week.  I usually just post special things that happen or what we are doing in school.

A week in our life.....  : )

Sunday started our week with church, Awana and packing.  We go to church as a family, come home have lunch and then the kids have a couple of hours before Awana.  During this time Jay got all packed for his trip. Sunday night has become Jay and I's date night because on Sunday's he has either just gotten home from being gone all week or is getting ready to leave Monday morning for the week. (He travels every other week usually).  So we drop the kids off at Awana and then Anastasia brings them all home.  We haven't done anything major yet for our date nights.  It is just nice to sit and talk and catch up.  :)

Monday morning we were off and running, driving actually!  Jay had to be at the airport by 7am.  Traffic was crazy and I think I prefer when he leaves even earlier and we avoid all the traffic.  I then had to get home and pick up Joshua to get him to his Lego League Class.  They were having a make up for one they had missed.  I was so blessed when I got there that one of the other moms asked if she could bring Joshua home for me afterwards because she was coming out our direction.  This was fabulous news because it meant I was able to get home and start school with the girls instead of waiting till noon.  I got home around 9.  Started school with the others and then finished up with Joshua when he got home.  Anastasia had volleyball practice and then a meeting at the Saladmaster office.  I was home for the whole evening which doesn't happen often so I tackled the girls room.    I got it done though....2 bags of give away and a bag of trash later. That is all I will say about that!!

Tuesday morning we were up and at it again.  I took the girls to gymnastics and Anastasia took Joshua to Lego League (she goes to a nearby Starbucks to do her school work and wait for Joshua).  We were all back home by 12.  We ate lunch got school done and then it was off to volleyball.  It was a rough game but the Eagles did good.  They played the state champions.  So they didn't win but they weren't creamed either.

Wednesday we were able to start school in the morning.  :)  We worked on our science and the kids were learning to name the bones in the body.  We learned how to sing: cranium and clavicle, patella and metatarsals, patella and metatarsals. Ha! 
We have some really good friends who are getting ready to move away for about 2 years.  My boys went and stayed the night at their house and their daughter came and stayed here.  The girls went swimming, jumped on the trampoline, played, ate ice cream and watched movies.  They had a great time. I was able to get out our fall decorations.  I turned down the air and pretended it was cool outside.  HA!  I love fall and now I just need the weather to cooperate.

Thursday morning Savannah woke me up at 5am complaining her throat hurt.  By 8 I took her to the doctor.  Strep was negative but they did give me a prescription if she didn't get better.  So she was going to be down and out for the day.  We got home and I helped Anastasia with whatever school work she needed help on and I was able to get all of her grading up to date.  Whew! 
   In the afternoon we met up with my friend at the splash pad.  (It might be fall but here it is still 100 degrees outside). We were supposed to swap kids back but some of mine ended up going home with her for awhile.  I was not going to be able to go to Anastasia's volleyball game because Savannah was just not feeling well.  It was the first game I have missed.  :(   When Anastasia got home I went over to a friend's house and had a wonderful time hanging out with 4 of my favorite ladies. It is always a great time when we get together.  I got home LATE and then Anastasia came into my room and we talked till almost 2AM.  SUPER LATE but I wouldn't have traded it for the world!

Friday 8 am came really early!  Two of my friend's kids stayed the night again because Anastasia was going to watch them while we had a field trip.  I worked on school with Anastasia and Joshua in the morning.  Then Joshua and I had a field trip to the Pinal County Court house with his book club. (I posted about book club earlier).  It was a great trip and very informative. It was amazing to see all the different parts of the court house and all the jobs needed.  Talk about a small world, the judge we got to talk with actually went to high school with me and graduated the year before me.  I didn't know him though.  Time to get my yearbook out.

We came home and were going to get ready for volleyball but Savannah still isn't feeling well.  So Anastasia went to her game and we stayed home relaxing tonight.  Tomorrow the boys are getting their pictures done.  We are catching up on some school work, doing yard work and all that fun stuff.  Hubby comes home Sunday!!!  Yipee.

Here are a few pictures from the week.  I did not take very many.
 Came out of the office one day to find Thor laying on the couch watching TV!

 Climbing the rope at gymnastics. 

 We had rain this week and beautiful clouds.

 Some of my fall decorations.

 Our trip to the Court house.

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