Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Saladmaster Rally

Wednesday night was our big kick off rally to start getting ready for BMIB in October.  It was a fun filled evening with food, speakers, contests, excitement and fun.  They let everyone know that the big rally will be in Las Vegas in January.  This was the first event that both Anastasia and I attended with Jay.  We usually take turns.  It was fun to be there with her!    Jay gave a talk about cooking 30 dinners in 30 days and he did a great job if I do say so myself!  He will have a very busy October being in Georgia, Texas and California and then cooking when he is home.  We are ready to work hard so we can play hard in December.  We really want to take a trip this Christmas!!

If you need a night out of the kitchen and want someone else to cook let us know!  We can show you how to cook with out water, grease and oil and so much quicker and healthier than normal cooking.  Let us show you an opportunity and possibly change your life!  

I didn't get many pictures just some silly ones of us.  : )

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