Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This is the start of our 3rd year with LOVE co-op.  Wow! I remember as soon as I knew we were moving back to the east valley, contacting Courtney in order to get into co-op.  LOL  It was a must for our family and it has been such a blessing.  The families we have met and friendships that have formed have been incredible.

This year Co-op is the largest it has ever been with 25 families and 80+ kids....double wow!!  I think I am most excited for the teen group.  When Anastasia joined two years ago there were only 6 kids in the class.  Now it is up to 20!!  So many fun things they can do together now!

I was asked to be part of the steering committee this year and am excited to serve.  I helped with the scheduling which is no easy task with all the mom's and fabulous classes being offered.  But I totally geek out at doing that kind of stuff.  : )

This year is very exciting because in addition to the kids regular classes (PE and art for this year) where they are grouped by ages each kid got to pick 2 discovery hour classes.  We have an awesome group of moms who stepped up to teach some amazing classes!!  Some of the offerings are outdoor skills,  handi-crafts, lego club, book club, choir/drama, crochet, and yearbook.

The young adult (teen group) is doing world geography, a bible study and logic this year and then they get to pick one discovery hour.

We meet twice a month.  We start the morning with Worship, pledges and announcements:

I didn't get pictures of all the groups as I was helping in Jadon's class in the morning.  It was really neat to work in this class and see how the kids have grown in the last two years.  There was a group of them in here who have moved up this year from the preschool class.  They are big Kindergartners now!!

The artist they are studying for the first two months is Matisse.

PE time

I am teaching two discovery hour classes.  During 3rd hour I am teaching book club.  This year we are reading through the Little House on the Prairie books.  They do the reading at home and we discuss the book and do fun activities in class.  Today we made corn husk/raffia dolls and butter.

During 4th hour I am teaching a Lego club.  For this first class they just had free play to check out the set they will be using this year.  Each class will have building challenges, presentations, learning new skills and playing games.  This is one of Jadon's favorite classes.  : )

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