Thursday, September 10, 2015

Science Co-op

This year for Science we are using Apologia (once again) and are studying Human Anatomy and Physiology.  The kids are super excited to learn about the body this year.  We formed a very small co-op with just 4 other families.  We didn't want to leave anyone out but if we invited everyone we would just be another huge co-op like we already have.  And we meet in homes so we had to limit our number of kids.  : )

We do science on our own at home and then get together one afternoon a month to do hands on activities and experiments that go with the 2 lessons we have been studying.  This really helps keep me on track to get our science done on time for these meetings. Win-Win!  We again met over the summer and planned out the year of which mom would be teaching which lessons each month.  Whichever mom is teaching also hosts.  We usually have 3-4 centers all planned out and the kids rotate in groups to each center.  There is a mom at each center helping out.

This first co-op was all about cells and bones. They made an edible cell with all it's parts, they played a bone game, and made DNA.  It was so much fun and I think they learned a lot!

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