Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogger Friend School #116


#116 Now You’re Playing With Power (Nintendo)

Memory Verse:

Genesis 7:24 The water held power over the earth for 150 days.

Introduction: The only witnesses to the Flood are Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives - 8 people.   And then there’s the animals, 2 of every unclean animal and 7 pairs of every clean animal. When Noah and his family emerged from the ark, they offered sacrifices and praised the Lord for preserving them.

Assignment: What kind of catastrophe have you lived through? Weather? Fire? Car crash? Did you feel the oppression of the power of the disaster, or the protection of the Power of the Lord?  Tell us the story of how you rejoiced and praised Him through it and after it.

Thank the Lord I have not been in any major fire, weather realted or car catastrophies but October 3, 2005 is not a day I will soon forget.  Joshua (who just turned 2) was sick with a cold and pretty congested.  He came to sleep with us that night (which he never did he always prefered his own bed).  He tossed and turned all night in between Jay and I and we were up several times with him.  We seemed to have finally fallen asleep when all of a sudden Joshua scrambled up and over Jay to get off the bed.  We didn't know what was wrong and then realized he couldn't breathe.  It not only freaked us out but him as well.  We were calming him down and as he would try and breathe his whole chest would cave in and out.  He could breathe but it was very shallow.  We decided to rush him to the ER.  We woke up the girls and loaded them all up.  On the way there we finally decided to call 911 (which we should have done from the beginning!) The ambulance met us at an intersection and I went with Joshua and Jay took the girls to his dad's house.  They started steroid and breathing treatments right away.  He had croup that turned strider and was blocking his airways.  Jay met us at the hospital and we were there most of the day.  I knew Joshua was sick because my very energetic boy was just laying there.  After some time on the breathing treatments he was starting to perk up and could breathe much better.  I knew all was well when he looked at me and said "Thank you mommy!"  Ok that is when I lost it.  I think I had adrenalin rush and just kept going with the motion of everything and when Joshua said that the reality of it all sunk in.

God was there with us through it all.  We were praying non-stop even out loud in the car.  It was a "God thing" that Joshua came to our bed that night.  I would have to say during it the reality never hit me like I said above until it was all over.  Of course we were praising God afterwards and ever so thankful for His protection.

Psalm 61:1  Hear my cry, O God; give heed to my prayer. (NASB)

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