Friday, January 16, 2009

Savannah's First Dance Class

 We are finally able to sign Savannah up for a dance class.  She is so excited and absolutely loved it.  She had a hard time sleeping the night before and could barely take a nap before hand.  The picture above is what she wanted to wear to class. She has lots of tutu's and skirts and dancing things.  But I got her to "tone it down" some for her first class.   She is taking a tap, jazz, ballet combo and will even get to be in a recital in May or June.  The class is every Thursday and right now next Thursday seems like an eternity away for her!   

In her tap shoes!

Carrying a bean bag between her knees across the floor.

Okay I could have taken a lot more pictures but I had to contain myself.  She was so cute and loved every minute of it.  (Alexa gets to take one next Wednesday!)


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