Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday


As I have been trying to get things in order with the start of a new year I have been doing a lot of planning and organizing that I will be sharing in the next two weeks.  I am finding with having a large family things just need to be done differently.  I guess I was in denial that our family was large as I consider having 8-10 kids a large family.  But others with only 1-3 kids can't belive we have 5.  I guess it is all perception!  Anyways we need to start doing things a bit differently and it all starts with me, my attitude and organization.  So come back and visit the next couple of weeks to see what we are doing and how we are getting organized and staying on track (at least trying)  and feel free to share any tips you might have as well.

The first thing is I found a blog called organized junkie   This is how  I would describe myself.  I just need to put it all into practice!!!  So from this blog they do a Menu Plan Monday each week.  I used to plan and post my meals all the time and when I did the once a month cooking I just pulled what ever was in the freezer.  I am doing some omac on my own but it just wasn't working with the group anymore with Jay and I on weight watchers (I will post more about this on Wednesday).  It definetly helps the budget to plan out meals.  I usually plan around what meat is on sale and there were great sales this week and I had some extra grocery money and stocked up!  Gound beef .99,  Pork Ribs .99, Skinless, boneless Chicken breast $1.67.  These type of sales I stock up and freeze.

Here is our menu for the week:

Monday- Tacos

Tuesday- Chili

Wednesday- Spaghetti

Thursday- Chicken

Friday- Pizza (homemade dough)

Saturday- Roast

Sunday- Ribs

I will share a recpie and more things I am wanting to cook on Wednesday as I get back to my "What's For Dinner Wednesday"

Happy Monday!

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