Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Weeks Happenings

We are back to the grindstone this week. Well kind of anyways. We are trying to get back on track. It is so hard to get up early when it stays dark outside later. This month I am not teaching at co-op so I just drop the oldest three off so there probably won't be many pictures of what they are doing. This past Monday Alexa, Natasha and I ran errands- post office, Costco, bank etc. Tuesday was PE and we got the basics done for school. Then today Joshua was so excited started a unit about Dinosaurs. I am using materials from both Homeschool share and learning page . Homeschool share has a great lapbook that is creation based and learning page has a wonderful wall mural to color and add the dinosaurs too. Did I mention it is all for FREE!!Today we were coloring maniacs and colored the wall mural, everyone helped. Then Joshua is going to color the dinosaurs and add them to the mural as we learn about them.

Here is the mural hung on a wall in our school room. If you can see the picture at the bottom, that is the one Alexa helped with. She wanted to be a part of it and as long as hers was hung on the wall she was happy!

Next the dinosaurs took over Joshua's train table as he set up a display of them. (I didn't realize how many he had!)

Jurrasic Park meets Starwars! Only in a boy's mind!

A wall to contain the T. Rex's

Notice the cans in the background?! I was making Chili one night for dinner and Joshua was helping and then asked if he could have all the cans for building with. (Who needs blocks or legos???)

The rest of the week we are going to get started on the lapbook activities and read in Genesis to see when God created the dinosaurs.

It has been hard motivating Anastasia this week to get going and school work is taking longer to finish! Hopefully the rest of this week we will get started back with her US history. We are studying the states and early American history. However I should say since we got a Wii for Christmas it has been a good motivator for all of them for accomplishing things because it is not aloud to turn on until all school work and chores are done!

I need to get going we have dr. appt, picture appt and park day today so I need to go get in the shower before everyone else wakes up!

How is everyone else doing at getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break?

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