Thursday, January 22, 2009

God's Timing

Isn't God's timing always better than our own!  Then why do I still push for my timing???  For once though I am not pushing for my timing but I am trying to stand back and watch God move and work.  He has been doing a work in our family for the last couple of years and preparing our hearts for our journey.  I mentioned in my New Year's post about moving and Jay getting a Worship pastor position.  Well things have been CRAZY around here but in a good way.  As a family we have grown and stretched and learned so much in the last couple of years.  I truly believe now we are ready for God to move us forward.  As much as I don't want to admit and as hard as it was God had to allow us to struggle as we did with our finances (or lack there of ) and our house.  But He is so good and has an amazing plan for everyone's lives. 

So what is God doing you ask???  He is helping bring to fruition a seed He planted long ago in my husband.  My husband has a heart and passion for ministry that he  burried and ran from for too long.  Now God is opening doors and we are running, not walking, through them.  Jay has a full time job working for University of Phoenix and he is going to school (on-line).  He will graduate in May and we can't wait!!!!  Now add to that plate part time worship pastor.   He is so excited to do this and it is fun to watch him fullfilling this long time passion and using the gifts and talents that the Lord has given him.  God's timing that we are waiting on now and not pushing is us actually moving into the community where the church is (almost an hour away). The church eventually (sooner than later) wants to bring him on full time.  When this happens he can quit at UOP, which is not his passion!  But we don't want to complain about it especially when so many people are with out jobs right now.  So we are waiting on God's timing and there is truly a comfort and peace with that. So please continue to pray for us during this process.

 Are you waiting on God's timing for something?

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