Thursday, January 1, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs # 19- 2009

Today was just a nice day staying at home.  We were busy though taking down all the Christmas decorations!  It took the better part of the day.  Then Jay made a great steak dinner for all of us.  For dessert I made rootbeer floats and some New Years Resolutions.  I didn't want just a meaningless list that would be forgotten by February so I made it short and sweet in no particular order:

1)  Continue with my weight loss goal.  I have posted before how Jay and I are doing Weight Watchers.  I have lost 20lbs and he has lost 25.  Now that Christmas is over we are ready to get serious again!

2) As a family memorize two Bible verses each month.

3) Get a better handle on balancing housework and schoolwork.

4) We will be moving to a new house and community sometime between March and July and I would like to start doing things now so that it won't be so overwhelming when the time comes.

5) Save up to take the kids to Disneyland in September.

6) Set aside more time to sew and do other crafts with Anastasia.

7) Continue to really focus on Character training with the kids.

8) Find a time of day where I can stick with doing my own personal devotions and prayer time.

I think I will stop there for now  .

What are your New Year's Resolutions better yet what do you do to help keep them?

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying their rootbeer floats.  Savannah however requested a rootbeer float with out the rootbeer!  Anastasia didn't want her picture taken, it was a bad hair day!



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