Friday, February 20, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs # 26

 It seems like many homeschoolers begin to see the fire die out around this time of year. Yet it doesn’t always take a whole lot to get the flames burning bright again. It may be one small change in your routine. Maybe it’s trying out an idea you’ve been pondering for awhile. Or you might need to throw on a bit of kindling on to fuel that fire.


Let’s see some sparks of imagination as we encourage one another, sharing ways to get your homeschool efforts cooking again. What is something you’ve done, or thought about doing, to “fan the flame” of waning motivation?

This time of year we definitely need to fan the flames.  The weather is so nice this time of year and spring fever hits.   I want to do something fun because it seems like we resort to just getting the basics done.  So even though we are moving this next month (which throws in a whole other set of obstacles) I want to try and do a unit on Dr. Seuss.  It is fun and wacky and good for all ages.  I am pulling material from a couple of sources.  The main one is a unit study I got from  Curclick  (it's the second one listed)  I like this study because it is adapatable for a wide range of ages. also has some great resources as well.  I picked Dr. Seuss because March is always filled with ideas for his birthday celebration and there are so many simple ways we can be creative ane wacky which will keep the kids encouraged and motivated. 

What do you do to stay motivated this time of year?

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