Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I really enjoy Valentine's Day.  We always celebrate it as a family to share and show our love for one another.  This year it was as if we got to celebrate on two days since our breakfast was on Friday morning and our actual dinner on Valentine's night.

We celebrate by having a family dinner of Kung Pao Chicken and Rice. (Jay cooks this and it is delicious.  On Wedenesday I will post the recipe in "What's For Dinner Wednesday".)  After dinner the kids get to open a small gift from us and then their favorite part is fondue  We save the fondue for once a year on Valentine's Day.  It is always chocolate and lots and lots of different things to dip in it.

We also take a picture each year of us "smooching" on the kids.  Here is this years:




Okay if truth be told they tolerate this for me because they know we don't do gifts until after these pictures!!  But aren't they adorable!!!

Here are their goodie bags and Valentine's holders.

Pretty table decorations

Aren't these the cutest pants?

Now usually we do little goodie bags with some Valentine's Candy and a book.  This year however, Anastasia and Joshua got a Wii game since we got a Wii for Christmas.  (Just a little FYI check out for games.  We found the two there for less than the price of one in the stores).

Natasha's first Valentines.

What's in the bag??

Valentines Teddy bear

May the force be with you!

One thing with ordering with Amazon make sure you allow enough time.  Joshua's game came in but Anastasia's (Cooking Mama) did not yet.  She knows it is coming though and it is probably better this way because Joshua and her can play his for a couple of days and then Tuesday when hers gets here (hopefully) they can play it.

Now onto the highly anticipated dessert....

We had bananas, strawberries, marshmallows,graham crackers, angel food cake and pretzels all to dip..


They even made smores with them.

Do you notice his piece of chocolate? LOL  It is one of the candy chocolates from his heart box.

Another great Valentines! 

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