Friday, February 27, 2009


It is official we are finally moving! We are moving to Casa Grande it is about 45 minutes from here. It will mean only a ten minute trip to church instead of 50minutes. I think I told everyone that Jay became a worship pastor at a church there in December. It is part time but they want to bring him on full time in May or June. Our lease wasn't up here until June but we found a house in Casa Grande that we fell in love with and we found renters for this one. God is so good!! So the big moving day will be March 21st. We are up to our eyeballs in boxes and yes I needed a break so I decided to come blog.

So I won't be keeping up with my Menu Plan or Organizing memes and my blogging will be sporadic until we are settled. We are doing just the basics for schooling in the mornings and then packing in the afternoons. We will still be traveling quite a bit for Anastasia's play practice, Joshua's little league and the girls dance all going till May. But I won't complain because I am so excited about our new house and the way everything is lining up.

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