Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday- Baby Food

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

For this Tackle it Tuesday I thought I would share about how I make baby food.  With this baby it has been quite the adventure.  I have always made my own baby food.  I made some for Tasha for the first time a couple of months ago well she gaged and spit and practically had convulsions (not seriously).  So after two days of this I decided to buy her some baby food.  She gobbled it up no problem!!!  I couldn't belive it because it the taste did not compare to homemade.  It was quick, easy and convienent.  But then I figured out what it would cost per month!!!!  Over $30-45.  So back to the making of the baby food.  She is doing better but still spitting it out some.

So here is a quick, easy way to make baby food.

We have excellent water-less cookware so I cook vegetables together with just a tad bit of water.


Once cooked I put it in my bamix cup

Mash till pureed

Put in ice cube trays to freeze.  Once frozen place in a quart size freezer bag and take out one as needed.

I then heat it on the stove in a pan in an egg cup.  (I didn't get a picture of this)

Less than 45 minutes I was able to make a tray of green beans, peas, carrots, and summer squash.  A bag of frozen green beans is only .96 cents and will feed her for 14 meals.  ( I still buy fruit baby food and feed one or half of one of those with a veggie).  It is a pretty big savings!

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