Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Milestone...

This is the week for big events!!!  After an absence for awhile, Tristy, the littlest tooth fairy, stopped by our house this week.  Joshua lost his first tooth (naturally anyways!) He was so excited he went to bed early and woke up before 6:00am.  The cause for all this excitment  was Tristy.  Tristy was daddy's and then Anastasias tooth fairy so Joshua has heard the stories of the notes that she leaves.  She loves collecting teeth to build her houses and Joshua had an extra special one.  It was two teeth that grew in fused together. (one permenant will take it's place).  So Tristy left him a special note and $5.00 (yes a bit excessive  by mommy's standards but daddy was sure it was because it was his first tooth and a special one!!)

Now Savannah and Alexa keep wiggling their teeth and want to know when they are going to start loosing some.

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