Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Night Fun Night

Friday nights are usually pretty relaxed around here.  It is just nice knowing it's the weekend and that Jay doesn't have to get up and go to work the next day.  Sometimes we plan fun family things and sometimes we just all "veg"out or the kids go to bed early depending on how the day went! 

This week we had a friend of Anastasia's staying with us for the week.  Her mom was flying to Michigan to take her test to certify her as a midwife!!  So Friday night was game night.  We played a fun game (thanks to my friend   Kymberly’s Blog)  She always has great family games.  This time it was LCR (left right center).  I had played this a few years ago but forgot about it.  I looked around for some candy and we actually had a bag of little individually wrapped pez candies in the cupboard.  You can look up the directions on line to play (I don't know how we survived with out Google).  We just made our own dice and played for candy.  It is great for teaching the little ones their right and left hands. I marked thier hands with washable marker.  They had so much fun playing.  We also had caramel apples and hot apple cider.  When that was done it was time for this weeks episode of Star Wars Clone Wars which everyone likes to stay up and watch on Fridays.  Except for me who falls asleep watching it everytime!!

The kids loved this picture of the dice in mid air!

My Candy!!!

Can you tell she loves caramel apples!! 


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