Friday, October 17, 2008

This Week in Review

This was a good week with some "YES!!!" moments.  The kids had co-op school on Monday but during part of it I took Tasha in for a dr. appt.  She is all stuffy but everything is ok we are all just passing a little bug around!  We skipped PE on Tuesday because Joshua was coughing his head off.  Wednesday and Thursday were good school days.  Anastasia finished explorers.  We will get some pictures of her lapbook up soon.  The little ones are doing a unit on Folk Tales and Fairy Tales.  We are using Evan-Moor Literature PocketsSo far they have completed the Three Little Pigs and we are working on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The "yes" moment (this is where I jumped and shouted for joy)  came Thursday night when Joshua read his books for his daddy.  He read his "Rag" book and I was so excited because he truly read it and didn't have it memorized (which is sometimes easy to do with these beginning reader books).  I was so excited for him.  Because let me back up some....  we put phonics away for about a week and a half he was struggling and not going anywhere with it and I was getting frustrated.  But that is a great thing about homeschooling we were able to just put it up for a while.  Well we got back to it this week and things started clicking for him.  He is excited again and so am I!!!!

Friday Tina and Emily came over and these next two times we are doing activities with "The Little Red Hen".  This week we read the story the kids made an animal book and painted a wheat picture.  Next time we are going to do story sequencing and make some bread.


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