Monday, October 6, 2008

Families of Faith Co-op

We had co-op again on Monday and I am teaching this month in the Kindergarten-1st grade class.  We wanted to follow along with the older classes which are teaching about the elections so we are doing a patriotic theme.  This week we focused on American Symbols such as the flag, Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore and the Liberty Bell.  The kids each made their own American Flag and for snack they spread white frosting on pretzle rods and rolled them in red and blue sprinkles.  Ms. Amy even brought in some souvenirs from her trip to the Statue of Liberty for the kids to see.

Next week we will talk more about symbols and the Presidents and then the third week we will finish up with voting and making a small lapbook.

Alexa was so excited to stay today.  She got to stay in Savannah's class and they are learning all about pumpkins.  (I didn't get any pictures.  I will need to take some next week)  After Co-op they are offering elective classes and the first class for the girls is worship, lyrical dance.  It is really neat Anastaisa and Savannh really liked it.  The boys just got to hang out and play with legos.  Then we of course went to Bounce U when co-op was all done.  It was a full day.

Both Joshua and Alexa got to help with opening pledges

Mr. Liberty


Snack time


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